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Dentistry At Pauly Family Dental Group

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your dental treatment mission?

Pauly Family Dental Group focuses on providing the best dental treatment we can. We feel the best techniques and best materials translate into restorative care that works better and lasts longer.

Technological advances have brought great changes in dentistry in the last few decades. Pauly Family Dental Group promises to bring you the best we can provide.

Who provides your dental treatments?

Pauly Family Dental Group has a full compliment of dental professionals. There are numerous doctors available for your dental treatments with varying areas of expertise. We hope you will be comfortable with all of our doctors.

Your periodontal health and your ongoing preventative treatments are handled by our hygienists. We also have experienced:

  • Dental Assistants
  • Schedulers
  • Insurance Coordinators
  • Financial Planners

They are available to help with any questions or needs you may have.

What hours are you open for your dental services?

Pauly Family Dental Group is currently staffed six days a week to take care of any of your dental services. Our specific hours are listed on our website and include weekend and evening hours to best accommodate your busy schedule and meet all your needs.

Where is Pauly Family Dental Group located?

Pauly Family Dental Group is located in the Aurora Dental Arts Building, on the far west side of Aurora. The Aurora Dental Arts Building houses 21 dentists, both general and specialists in 9 different offices. We are the only facility in the area with these numbers and these diversified areas of expertise.

Important Things You Should Know About Dentistry

  • All Dentistry is Not Created Equal
  • Periodontal Disease Will Affect 80% of the Adult Population
  • Good Dentistry Quite Often Precludes Dental Pain Through Good Preventive Care
  • Implants are a Big Part of All Planning and May Provide Better Solutions

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