Replacing All Teeth with Dental Implants

While many patients find success with their removable partial or complete dentures, some patients may opt for other ways to replace their missing teeth.

Some options for replacing a full set of teeth is a full-arch fixed bridge. These fixted dentures are anchored to the jawbone by multiple implants. The process for placing the implants is similar to that of a single dental implant in that your oral surgeon will carefully insert titanium “roots” in your jawbone. The number of implants will be determined during consultation with our doctors, after examining the condition of the bone in your mouth. Once the implants are placed, you will be fitted with a custom set of crowns that will be fixed to the implants. Once completed, with proper oral hygiene, fixed dentures can serve all of the functions of a natural set of teeth.

Some patients may also be candidates for implant-supported overdentures. Implant-supported overdentures are a full set of dentures that clip into place by snapping into implants anchored into the jawbone. In this scenario, the overdenture can be removed for cleaning and maintenance, unlike the fixed full-arch bridge.

With proper care, fixed bridge dentures and implant-supported overdentures can provide long-term solutions to the problems created by multiple missing teeth.