Oral Cancer Screening

Your oral health is an indication of your overall health. Therefore, it is important that not only your teeth are examined, but it is also important that all your hard and soft tissues are thoroughly inspected, as well. Dr. Pauly and Dr. Tompkins will examine your mouth to screen for signs oral cancer. In regards to this type of cancer, early detection is crucial, and your tissues will be examined at every appointment. Thus, your neck will be examined to check for any hardened lymph nodes, your cheeks, roof of the mouth, tongue, and floor of the mouth will all be examined to check for any abnormalities. Pauly & Tompkins Family Dental Group also utilizes the advanced technology of Velscope, which is a light that can identify abnormal tissue not visible to the naked eye. Your team at Pauly & Tompkins Family Dental Group take you wellbeing seriously, and will ensure you are always in good hands.