Our Technology

Digital Radiography

Digital x-rays are the newest technology used in dentistry to take and archive dental x-rays. Digital x-rays significantly reduce the amount of radiation used to obtain the x-ray images as compared to traditional dental x-rays films. Digital x-rays also provide the benefit of immediate viewing of the images area, without the need to use chemical developers. Moreover, digital x-rays allow for digital enhancement of the imaged area which helps the clinician more accurately come to a diagnosis of dental decay and disease. You and you doctor will be able to instantly view your x-rays and enlarge the image to aid in the identification of dental problems and to gauge your dental health.

Intra-Oral Camera

Taking pictures of the teeth and supporting tissue with a small video camera about the size of a pen is a wonderful addition to dentistry today. The intra-oral camera creates digital images that can be stored in the patient’s electronic health record at Pauly & Tompkins Family Dental Group. The images are shared with our patients so their healthcare can be better understood and interactive. We look forward to showing you a dental tour of your mouth in the privacy of your treatment room.


Dr. Pauly and Dr. Tompkins are proud to provide the latest and most innovative technology in single tooth restorations. CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) is a revolutionary dental restoration technology that allows your doctor to use a variety of computer assisted technologies, including 3D photography and CAD/CAM to design, create, and place your custom dental crown in just one appointment!

At Pauly & Tompkins Family Dental Group, we have teamed up with Cerec to make this process much easier on your schedule and incredibly convenient! Our patients relax in our comfortable office while their tooth-colored crown is being made.